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Lithium Batteries

Why should I consider switching from lead acid to lithium batteries?
A lithium battery is definitely more cost effect. While lead acid batteries usually last between 12 to 18 months, Powerhouse Golf's lithium batteries have a five-year limited warranty, and are protected by a integrated battery management system (BMS) providing a significantly longer lifespan than a standard lead acid.

Lithium batteries are also signifiacntly lighter and more compact than lead acid making them easier to transport, whilst reduced general wear and tare to your buggy/trolley caused by the weight of a lead acid battery.

How long does it take to fully charge a lead acid battery?
This depends on the size of the battery, but genuinely speaking an empty battery will be fully charged in less than 5 hours.

Will Powerhouse Golf lithium batteries work on any trolley?
Powerhouse Golf lithium batteries will work with many trolleys that use the black and red plug (Torberry) and also the "T" Bar fitting. If you are unsure whether a lithium battery is compatable with your buggy, then feel free to conact us and we will be happy help you with any queries you may have.

Can I use my old lead acid charger on a lithium battery?
Lithium batteries require a different charger from lead acid batteries. The correct charger is supplied with Powerhouse Golf lithium batteries.

How often should I charge my lithium battery?
To get the most out of a lithium battery it should be placed on charge within 48 hours of its last use, and should be disconnected from the charger within 48 hours of the charge being completed. Although Powerhouse Golf batteries have a very low self discharge rate, it is advised that if you aren't using the battery for a long period of time that you frequently place the battery on charge every 6 weeks.

How many charges will I get out of my lithium battery?
Powerhouse Lithium batteries last approximately 1500-2000 cycles.

How should I store my lithium battery?
Lithium batteries should be stored like any other battery, upright in dry and cool conditions without exposure to any extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Lead Acid Batteries

What does deep cycle mean?
Deep cycle means using the battery in an application that will typically discharge 60% to 70% or more of the battery capacity. An automotive battery is an SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) battery. It's plates are designed to deliver maximum power for a short duration. Starting a car typically discharges an SLI battery only 1% to 3%. When an SLI battery is used in a deep cycle application, or in a vehicle with heavy accessory loads, eg. Golf Buggy the battery life will be shortened proportionally to how deeply it is cycled on a regular basis.

When should I consider a deep cycle?
Any time you need the battery to supply all the operating power for a vehicle or other device. Additionally, deep cycle batteries should be used in vehicles that have heavy accessory loads where the alternator cannot maintain the battery in a fully charged condition.

What are "dry" and what are "liquid" batteries?
The terms "dry battery" and "liquid battery" are restricted to primary systems and date from the early development of galvanic elements. At that time, a liquid cell consisted of an electrolyte-filled glass container into which electrochemically active electrodes were immersed. It was only later that unspillable cells which could be used in any position and had a completely different construction were introduced, these being similar to today's primary batteries. These earlier cells were based on paste electrolytes. At that time they were known as dry batteries. In this sense today's primary batteries are also dry batteries.

The term "liquid battery" is in principle still applicable to certain modern secondary batteries. For large stationary lead-acid or solar batteries, liquid sulfuric acid is preferred for the electrolyte. For mobile applications unspillable, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are recommended and have been available for many years. Their sulfuric acid is immobilized by a gel (or a special microglass mat).

Leak-proof semi-traction batteries, are they available?
Yes. Please contact us for details

Does my deep cycle battery develop a memory?
No. Lead acid batteries do not develop any type of memory

What type of charger should I buy?
An automatic charger offers the greatest convenience. Just plug the battery into the charger and the charger does the rest. Manual chargers, although equally effective at charging batteries, require a greater level of attention. Generally speaking, automatic chargers are priced higher than manual chargers

Do you ever add acid to a battery?
Under normal operating conditions, you never need to add acid. Only distilled, deionized or approved water should be added to achieve the recommended levels mentioned above. When a battery is shipped in a dry state or accidental spillage occurs, electrolyte should be added to the battery. Once filled, a battery should only need periodic water addition .

What are common mistakes made by lead acid battery owners?
Undercharging: Generally caused by not allowing the charger to restore the battery to full state of charge after use. Continually operating the battery in a partial state of charge, or storing the battery in a discharged state results in the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates. This condition is known as sulfation. Both of these conditions reduce the battery's performance and may cause premature battery failure. Undercharging will also cause stratification. Over usage also will cause premiture permanent failiure.

Overcharging: Continuous charging causes accelerated corrosion of the positive plates, excessive water consumption, and in some cases, damaging temperatures within a lead acid battery. Deep cycle batteries should be charged after each discharge of more than 50% of the batteries rated capacity, and/or after prolonged storage of 30 days or more.

Can I use car batteries on my Golf buggy?
The answer is they will work, the problem is not for long.
This type of battery is not designed for sustained dischage. Damage will be caused to the battery in a very short time. Its ability to re charge will be greatly reduced rendering the battery useless.

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