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Powerhouse Golf Returns Procedure

All returns must be accompanied by a "Returns Note" (see below) and proof of purchase by way of a receipt, order number or invoice number - photocopies accepted.
For detailed information please see our refund policy

To return something, simply bring it to our shop/service center. The address can be found on the "About Us page" on the Website or on the Retuns Note:

For postal returns there are 4 options.

Royal Mail.

If you have a small inexpensive item that you would like to return, please send by Royal Mail to the address on the Returns note, and include the Returns note with your item.
Eg. Small charger, small part, Accessory
Click here to print our Returns Note

Option 2.
Shop Drop off and Return up to 10kg

If you have a bulky or expensive item including Lithium battery that you would like to return for servicing or following a breakdown etc. and is less than 10kg we can arrange a "Shop Drop off and Return"
Eg. Lithium battery, Expensive charger, Controller small expensive item.

Note: You are not allowed to send a Lithium battery using the Royal Mail network.

Click here to purchase a Returns Label
Click here to print our Returns Note

Option 3
Home collection and Return up to 20kg

We can collect an Item from your home address, golf club or place of work and return it if when it is ready.
Eg. Large lithium battery and Charger, Lead acid battery, Complete Trolley

Click here to purchase a Returns Label
Click here to print our Returns Note

Option 4
Returning a complete item eg Golf buggy over 20kg!!

Please contact to arrange on 0161 654 6981

Whichever service you opt for, it is necessary to prepare your item as follows:

Returning a Single item.

1. Make sure the weight does not exceed the service you had purchased
2. Pack the item in an appropriate size box.
3. Include all items relating to the failure with the item wherever possible.
4. Include "Returns note" inside the box.

Returning a Complete Golf Trolley

1. Make sure the weight does not exceed the service you had purchased
2. Make sure all of the trolley is covered. The carrier will not accept the item if any bare metal is showing.
3. Pack the trolley securely using any means possible. If the fault is power related include the battery and charger. If the problem relates to something else, it may not be necessary to return the battery, please ask if unsure.

Returning a Battery

1. Make sure the battery(s) are wrapped and no part of the battery is visible.
2. If the battery(s) is being returned due to power failure, please also return the charger.

Returning a Complete Golf Buggy.

Please make sure of the following:
1. The batteries are disconnected. (Remove if not needed to be returned)
2. The front basket is removed. (if applicable)
3. The rear stabilizers wheels, front bull bar, rear golf bag carrier and seat are removed. (if applicable) or not directly connected with the problem.
4. The steering wheel or steering arm is folded down.
5. The key is securely fastened to a prominent position on the buggy that will not be lost during transit.
6. Remove mudguards paddles, (not posts), (If applicable).
7. Any items that have been custom fitted by yourself, must also be removed prior to collection.
8. If the buggy is being returned due to power failure or battery issue, make sure the charger is also returned.

Customer notice:
For items being returned where Powerhouse Golf has arranged carrier, the company will not accept responsibility for lost or broken parts whilst in transit.
The carrier is an outside company. Any issues resulting in damage or loss must be dealt with directly by yourself and the carrier. No guarantee cover or financial loss is given or implied with this 3rd party collection service. By using this service you agree to these terms.