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Online Registrations


All guarantees are enclosed with our product(s), where applicable. You must complete it and return to the address on the card without delay, or you can complete our "Online Registration" if you prefer

The guarantee comes in 2 forms.

Option 1 Return to Base cover "Bronze Cover":
You may opt to simply register your product under the "Bronze" cover. This method registers your item with us and in the unlikely event of a warranty claim, the item must be returned to us for inspection. Any carriage cost relating to this is met by you.

Option 2 Transport cover "Gold Cover":
As bronze cover with the additional peace of mind that, should it be necessary, transportation costs are met, by ourselves as follows:

Trolleys: Twice during 1st 12 months.
Buggies: Three times during 1st 12 months.
Batteries: Once during 1st 24 months.
If you receive an item without a product guarantee reference card, you must notify us within 7 days. We will then be able to confirm if whether or not it has been supplied from a recognized reseller.

All our products are available through many online retailers. However, we are the only official reseller on Ebay/Amazon selling the Powerhouse Golf range of Products.
Items on the above sites offered my be supplied through 3rd parties and are not backed by our guaranteed scheme.

Return to base Product Registration
Return to base Product Registration Ref: REG001
Should the product fail, the customer is responsible to return the item(s) to us to evaluate. The transport charges associated in doing this are met by the purchaser.

Type of Product

Please Choose
FRTSL001/002- Electric Trolley
FRT2S001-Electric Trolley
FRT2001- Electric Trolley
GBPS001-Golf Buggy
GBPT001-Golf Buggy
GBPTS001-Golf Buggy
GBPTE001-Golf Buggy
GBPTSE001-Golf Buggy
UNO001-Golf Buggy
DUO001-Golf Buggy
PGE001-Golf Buggy
MISC036-12V Lithium Battery
MISC037-12 Lithium Battery
MISC042-24v Lithium Battery
MISC072-24V Lithium Battery
MISC071-36v Lithium Battery
MISC074-48v Lithium Battery
MISC073-12v Lithium Battery


Optional  Cover Registration
Optional Cover Registration Ref: GOLD001
Transport charges incurred in returning an item (max 3 times) will be covered by Powerhouse Golf. Lithium batteries cannot be sent by Royal Mail. Conditions apply.

Type of Product

Please Choose
FRTSL001/002- Electric Trolley 29.00 Inc. Vat
FRTS2001-Electric Trolley 29.00 Inc. Vat
FRT2001- Electric Trolley 29.00 Inc. Vat
GBP001-Golf Buggy 159.00 Inc. Vat
GBPT001-Golf Buggy 159.00 Inc. Vat
GBPTS001-Golf Buggy 159.00 Inc. Vat
GBPTE001-Golf Buggy 159.00 Inc. Vat
GBPTSE001-Golf Buggy 159.00 Inc. Vat
UNO001-Golf Buggy 249.00 Inc. Vat
DUO001-Golf Buggy 349.00 Inc. Vat
PGE001-Golf Buggy 249.00 Inc. Vat
MISC036-12V Lithium Battery 4.99 Inc. Vat
MISC037-12 Lithium Battery 4.99 Inc. Vat
MISC042-24v Lithium Battery 19.00 Inc. Vat
MISC072-24V Lithium Battery 19.00 Inc. Vat
MISC071-36v Lithium Battery 39.00 Inc. Vat
MISC074-48v Lithium Battery 149.00 Inc. Vat
MISC073-12v Lithium Battery 4.99 Inc. Vat